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The Pink Moose began life as a blog about my life, my kids and family, and book reviews on what I was currently reading, or recently read. I’ve tried a few times to keep the blog going and active, but life always seems to get in the way. While I’ve always been a reader, I tend to get into slumps for months at a time, and then things like writing book reviews take a backseat to other things in this crazy place called life.

In early 2017, I subscribed to my first subscription box, OwlCrate. Since subscribing, I’ve been reading consistently. Challenging myself to finish my current reads in time for my new OwlCrate box so that I can jump right into the new book for the month. Subscribing to the box was only the first step. I joined the FaceBook group and quickly began learning more about not just books themselves but also a bit more about the book industry and the opportunity to become an advanced reader. It would be a great thing to have my comments and opinions on a book matter to other readers, and so The Pink Moose has been reborn.

I will be adding reviews of books I’ve recently read, and providing my opinions on them as I finish them. I’m hoping to not only increase my reading, but also really start to think about the stories I read, and how the characters, themes, and overall book makes me feel and think. I hope that my reviews, posted here, on GoodReads.com and eventually at Amazon.com will encourage you to pick up the book, and join in on the adventure.

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Zero Moose Tracks

Did not finish. I couldn’t get into the book, and didn’t enjoy it enough to even give it one track.


One Moose Track

I had to force myself to finish. Many flaws, easy to pass up. Few good points or plot twists.


Two Moose Tracks

Finished, but it had some flaws. Not recommended to buy, but visit your local library for it.


Three Moose Tracks

Enjoyed the book and would recommend it. Fun, probably a quick read that was easy to enjoy.


Four Moose Tracks

Really enjoyed the book. Got hooked and finished quickly. Recommended for you and a friend.


Five Moose Tracks

Loved it! Hated that it ended. Get one for yourself and your friends.

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