Alas, Babylon

Reviewed by Melanie on February 28, 2017


It isn’t often that my husband says “I once read a book.” He’s not a big reader like I am, and while he read The Golden Compass series, it took him months and I finished it in weeks. So when he was talking about this book about nuclear war, and rebuilding an area of Florida, we looked for, and found the book he was talking about. Alas, Babylon.

The book follows a group of friends and neighbors after nuclear war has broken out in the US. The characters build a small community and take care of each other. They work together to find food, fend off would be looters, and not just keep each other safe, but develop a new society of their own.

It’s an interesting story with a plotline that as an American I hope I never see come to pass. A good read, and with Will Patton narrating, an even better listen.

Alas, Babylon Book Cover Alas, Babylon
Pat Frank
Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Classics, Dystopia
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The day after the bomb dropped the thousands of years of "progress" that had covered the treacheries and lusts of ordinary man with a thin veneer of civilization were dissolved and melted like snow on the desert's dusty face. Then--the law of the jungle reigned. But in the wreckage a few courageous survivors, men and women with the guts to have hope, were determined to build a new and better world on the ruins of their old. THIS IS THEIR STORY.

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