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Frankie is a whirlwind story with great characters that will grab you and take you for a ride that will end quickly, and not as you expect it to. [...]

Deer Life

This review will be short and sweet because I didn’t finish the book, but I wanted to justify the why. I was excited to learn more about the book [...]


The final book of The Looking Glass Wars, and I wish I could say that it was all I hoped for. The story, while fast paced (I listened to it in [...]


After discovering Maggie Stiefvater with The Scorpio Races I was excited to jump into another one of her books, especially a series. Now that [...]


Sneak picks up where Swipe leaves off, with Logan going to get his Mark and become an official citizen. Instead of receiving his Mark, Logan [...]


dystopian books do. Swipe however takes things a bit further. The book is set in future North America, after global war and famine. At the age of [...]


The unlikely friendship between the three girls takes them on a road trip by bike through France. I don't want to give away their misadventures [...]


When I began reading Solo, I thought that the format was a poem. I quickly found out that it's written as a song. The music of Blade's life. This [...]


The premise of the book is interesting and really focuses on the "they'll do anything" aspect of some people's desire to become famous. Vee [...]


As with "Faults" I jumped at the chance to read a horse book that I hadn't already read. After reading the description I had my doubts about a [...]


I'm a horse person. Since I was young, I'd pick up anything that seemed remotely horse related and would tear through it. I was overjoyed when I [...]


The world that Stephanie Garber has created is as bright and colorful as it is terrifying. As some one who doesn't care for circuses, I would [...]


Knowing that the story was coming to a close, the important part to me was that no matter what happened, the ending felt like an actual ending, [...]


I was thrilled when book two became available and downloaded it immediately. the story picks up a couple months after Partials and Kira is on a [...]

The Program

Sloane lives in a world where teenage suicide is an epidemic. I can’t imagine living in a world where as a teenage you’re not allowed to have [...]

The Knowing

I didn't connect with any of the characters, and Dale's constant testicle pain made it difficult for me to want to continue to read. After [...]

Wolf By Wolf

The book immediately piqued my interest, even just reading the inside flap. Can you imagine a world where Hitler won? Where the Nazi Youth is not [...]

Still Alice

This novel is a beautiful story of a woman “Alice” who is going through the stages of Alzheimer’s. It is written from the patients view which is [...]

Street Song

As Ryan begins his journey in Belfast, I was quickly pulled into the story and kept telling myself “One more chapter and I’ll go to bed.” I [...]


There is no lack of dystopian young adult novels, but this one is a bit different from most others. In Kira’s world, humans aren’t doing too hot. [...]


What if this life is just the beginning. What if in the next life, the choice you make determines where you will live, the rules you live by, [...]

Team Yankee

When my husband selects books for us to listen to together, they’re generally about war, or history, or both. Generally speaking, when we’re [...]


This was probably my least favorite book of the series. Honestly, at this point I was just trying to finish the series and see how the story [...]


After being a bit disappointed by Fairest, I was pleasantly surprised by Fable. Mina, as usual, is avoiding The Story until something, or [...]


Like UnEnchanted, Fairest was another book that I listened to constantly. The story begins a couple months after UnEnchanted, with Mina starting [...]


I typically enjoy fantasy books and with the unique format of the book, I hoped this would be one of my favorites. I regret to say that while I [...]


I love fairy tale retellings and tend to read quite a few of them so I was excited to begin this series. I downloaded the audiobook for my at [...]

The Appeal

In the book, there is so much corruption from jury tampering and racial tensions, that it could be a page out of American History. I was appalled [...]


Who didn’t dream of becoming beautiful on the day you turned sixteen? For Tally and the other characters in the Ugly universe, your wish comes [...]

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