The Looking Glass Wars #3

Reviewed by Melanie on October 2, 2017


The final book of The Looking Glass Wars, and I wish I could say that it was all I hoped for. The story, while fast paced (I listened to it in just one day), seemed disjointed and rushed to tie up loose ends.

The characters, which have been so well developed, like Alyss and Redd, are pushed to the back and the book focuses on Arch, who I haven’t liked through any of the books.

I am glad that I finished the series, which was such an interesting take on Alice in Wonderland, but I felt that it wasn’t the ending we deserved.

ArchEnemy Book Cover ArchEnemy
The Looking Glass Wars #3
Frank Beddor
Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction
Scholastic Audio Books
September 15, 2009

The heart-pounding conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy!

King Arch has been successful in sapping Wonderland - including Alyss and Redd - of Imagination. Now the two enemy queens are forced to come together in an attempt to reclaim Wonderland and their powers. In the suspenseful conclusion to this bestselling trilogy, listeners will learn just how far Alyss will go to regain her power!

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