Rules of the Game

Forever #1

Reviewed by Natashya on April 17, 2017


The very first few pages of this had me firmly in dislike for the lead character. Admiration grew slowly, then all at once. With Nora Roberts’ ability to quickly and efficiently realize her characters, all the while maintaining intrigue and wonder. Introduce the male counterpart to the lead character, and you have a bold baseballer with an intensity often unmatched in other romance novellas. Intertwining two worlds I’m very interested in, marketing and major league baseball – and for me, you have a hit. An independent woman with an outright resistance to sharing her life with someone else; no matter the story, Nora Roberts seems adept at drawing me in and making me empathetic.

In the background is this simmering and sweet little romance developing. As you’re being led away on this riptide with Parks & Brooke – you sorely want more information regarding Claire…

The only true let down to this book is that I wanted more. More of their story, more of their tenacity, and more of the wave it kept me on.

Rules of the Game Book Cover Rules of the Game
Forever, Pt. 1
Nora Roberts
Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Contemporary
2013 (first published 2009)

These classic tales from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts prove that sometimes bending the rules is the only way to win...

Rules of the Game
Professional baseball player Parks Jones is insufferable, with an inflated ego Brooke Gordon is dying to pop. Unfortunately, he's also brilliant and her client's spokesman. Brooke knows she can handle Parks, as long as she keeps her intense attraction to herself. But Parks has other plans, and he's willing to break a few rules to convince Brooke that love isn't just a game to him...

The Heart's Victory
He is the man she had once dreamed about, but never dared to love. But now that Cynthia "Foxy" Fox is back in town, she's forced to confront race car driver Lance Matthews and all the old feelings simmering between them. Just as in the world of auto racing, Foxy knows the stakes are high - but so is the prize. Because this time, the only true victory would be love.

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