From Bud to Blow

Reviewed by Melanie on May 24, 2017


I began this book knowing that it probably wasn’t for me, but I moved forward anyway, I did after all, enjoy Breaking Bad.

The book started off nice enough, average college kid, can’t wait to join a fraternity and have the typical college experience. Cory quickly moves into drugs, alcohol and blowing off class. He moved from a typical college to kid to independent drug dealer fairly quickly.

The book spent so much time talking about the amount of drugs being sold, and money being made, the book may be seen as a cautionary tale, but to me it seemed to glorify drug and party cultures.

Considering that the story covers three years, it’s dreadfully slow and was difficult for me to continue with. Cory didn’t even make an effort at school. Wouldn’t he have been put on academic probation or something for his lack of effort. Throughout the book he seemed to carry on with his illegal lifestyle with no thought of the circumstances that most kids would face. Did his parents never see his grades, or simply not care that he was throwing their money away? Even when he was home on break, it only talked about his high school friends and not if his parents’ noticed how different he was than when he left.

Between pages and pages of drug descriptions, plot holes, and the “no problem” attitude at the end of the book, it left me feeling disappointed and upset that I worked so hard to finish the book where the kid in the middle of it all didn’t have to take any responsibility for his actions.

My opinion is pass on this one and try another if you want a story where characters take responsibility for their actions or at least grow and develop throughout the story. I rated it two stars simply because I did finish the book, so it had to have some decent parts.

From Bud to Blow Book Cover From Bud to Blow
Brian Connor
Young Adult, Realistic Fiction
Chicago Publishing
April 15, 2017
Kindle eBook

While innocent and naïve to peer pressure, Cory Carter is more self-aware than most going off to college. That is, until pledging a fraternity at Indiana University changes his outlook on life. Hazing leads to blood. Blood leads to regret. Regret leads to a transformation, making Cory into the biggest drug dealer on campus. For the first time in his life, he loses self-control. The power of that feeling drives Cory the rest of college, as he slowly descends into a new reality.

Instead of buying the weekly weed he smokes, he decides to sell it himself. Instead of lying to his girlfriend, he decides to break up with her. By the time sophomore year comes around, Cory is buying enough weed to supply every fraternity on campus. Friends of friends start asking for cocaine and molly, but to Cory, if the drugs were on campus anyway, why not be the one selling it? All he has to do is pick up a duffle bag on Tuesday, drop off a few baggies on Wednesday, and count the money on Thursday. He has independence, he has power, he has his control back. That is, until a student overdoses and a detective comes knocking on Cory’s door, leaving Cory scrambling for answers.

He realizes quickly he’s not just driving around town dropping off baggies to friends, he’s the local drug gang’s #1 distributor. And they won’t let him quit. While his friends prep for their biggest party weekend of the year, Cory’s looking down the barrel of a gun with a decision to make. Does he battle the drug gang for his freedom? Or can he outsmart the police and keep dealing?

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