Holding the Dream

Dream Trilogy #2

Reviewed by Natashya on April 4, 2017


Of the three books, this was by-far my favourite. Kate is a fiery woman with a passion and dedication to her job that speaks to my own. With that, she is stubbornly independent, often finding herself alone. She has been burnt by men before, and she’s afraid of being made a fool again – shes’s resistant, and rightfully so. But that doesn’t stop one man.

We’re then introduced to family-man and Southern-gentleman Byron DeWitt. One of my all-time favourite male characters written by Nora Roberts. He’s everything you’d expect him to be and more; add the charisma, soft-heart, and love for his dogs – it’s a perfect storm, for me.

This particular piece in the trilogy kept me flipping pages; I just could not put it down.

Holding the Dream Book Cover Holding the Dream
Dream Triology, Book No.2
Nora Roberts
Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Contemporary
2002 (first published 1997)
Hardcover, Omnibus

Daring to Dream (1996)
Margo Sullivan returns home to Templeton house and her friends after her posh life as a model falls apart. As she tries to pick up the pieces, the long-simmering chemistry between her and Joshua Templeton finally comes to a boil.

Holding the Dream (1997)
Kate Powell has always felt indebted to the Templetons for taking her in after her parents deaths. All she's ever wanted is to make them proud. But accusations of embezzlement have her hanging her head in shame. It takes the gentle persistence of Byron DeWitt to prod her into fighting back.

Finding the Dream (1997)
Laura Templeton wanted one thing in life, to marry her Prince Charming and raise a family. Unfortunately, her Prince turned into a toad and she's forced to begin her life again. Adding to the turmoil is the brooding, handsome Michael Fury, a man she's always had a hidden desire for.

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