Kirsten Learns a Lesson

American Girls: Kirsten #2


I have two favorite characters Singing Bird and Kirsten because Singing Bird was an Indian but Kirsten was still her friend. They gave the other one a gift. Kirsten wanted Singing Bird’s sister. Singing Bird wanted Kirsten to come where she was going. They were very nice.

My least favorite part was when Singing Bird had to leave west for food. I hoped Singing Bird was going to stay. I really want Singing Bird to come back. She was gone so soon. I was really sad.

My most favorite part was when Kirsten learned English all by herself. Her mom and dad did not teach her English. She did not even try. She was talking to her teacher. That was so cool.

Kirsten Learns a Lesson Book Cover Kirsten Learns a Lesson
American Girls: Kirsten #2
Janet Beeler Shaw
Historical, Childrens, Fiction
August 1, 1986

After immigrating from Sweden to join relatives in an American prairie community, Kirsten endures the ordeal of a strange school through a secret friendship with an Indian girl.

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