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American Girls: Kirsten #1


My favorite character was Kirsten because she stayed strong during hard times and she is kind hearted person. She thinks about how other people might feel. She wants to always help her family. She is so brave. She shares and helps her mom and dad when they feel sick.
My least favorite part was when Marta dies so early in the book from a sickness called Cholera. I really think she should’ve went to Minnesota with Kirsten. When Marta died I almost cried because they just got back with them and she got sick out of no where. I hated it
My favorite part is where she made it to Minnesota. Everyone was happy, and she made some new friends, Lisbeth and Anna. She felt at home. She was with her family that made me so happy. She was home.

Meet Kirsten Book Cover Meet Kirsten
American Girls: Kirsten #1
Janet Beeler Shaw
Historical, Childrens, Fiction
September 28, 1990

Kirsten Larson is a pioneer girl of strength and spirit growing up on the Minnesota prairie in 1854. Kirsten's stories begin with her long, dangerous voyage with her family from Sweden to America. At first, Kirsten finds it difficult to get used to this strange new country. But as she makes friends and discovers what her new land has to offer, she learns the true meaning of home -- and that love is the same in any language.After a long, dangerous journey from Sweden, Kirsten and her family arrive at a tiny farm on the Minnesota frontier.

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