Meet Kit

American Girls: Kit #1


My favorite character was Kit because she is a hard worker. She helps her family during the Great Depression. She can make what she has to. She has a kind heart and helps her mother. She is smart and helps save money.
My least favorite part is were Kit’s dad loses his job and tries to get a new one but fails time and time again. He works so hard to get a new job but fails. He has to walk or take a taxi. Kit wants to help. He needs a new job.
My most favorite part was when Kit makes her new room the attic her room. She was sad at first but she became happy soon. She found some of her old stuff like her desk. She made it he room. She was happy.

Meet Kit Book Cover Meet Kit
American Girls: Kit #1
Valerie Tripp
Historical, Childrens, Fiction
September 28, 1990

Kit longs for a big story to write in her daily newspaper for her Dad—that is, until she's faced with news that's really bad. When Mother's friends lose their house and come to stay with her family, it's nothing but trouble for Kit. Then Kit's dad loses his business, and things go from bad to worse. Will life ever be the same again?

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