Plague Land

ReMade #1

Reviewed by Melanie on October 2, 2017


It’s not often that a book, even a good Stephen King thriller, makes my skin crawl and I feel like things are on me. With Plague Land, I scratched while reading, and even after I put it down. It’s the kind of book that definitely, gets under your skin.

Leon, his younger sister Grace, and their mother have just moved to London from New York. What begins as as short news story, barely heard by most, soon is front and center worldwide. As Leon and his family try to escape the city, and then survive what is described as the plague, we as the readers, as well as the characters, quickly realize that there is no way this story can end well.

The plot moves quickly, and it’s easy to be caught up in the story. While the book seems to cover six months, there is a lot that happens, and even in the lulls of the story, there is important foreshadowing pointing clues to what will happen moving forward. While it would be easy to write this book off as a typical post-apocalyptic book, there are twist and turns throughout that you won’t be expecting.

The characters are a bit bland, but still enjoyable. Leon seems to be stuck between “am a I a boy or am I a man” and his indecision drove me crazy. Overall, Freya is my favorite character, followed closely by Grace.

Overall, the book is an easy and enjoyable read. It was a nice break from a lot of Young Adult Fiction books where there is always a hidden love story. If a story about the world coming to an end could be considered refreshing. This is definitely it.

Plague Land Book Cover Plague Land
ReMade #1
Alex Scarrow
Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Aliens
Sourcebooks Fire
December 5, 2017
Kindle EBook

Leon and his younger sister Grace have just moved to London from New York when news of an unidentified plague begins to fill the news.

Within a week the virus hits London. People in the streets turn to liquid before their eyes, and what follows is a frantic hunt for a safety which may no longer exist.

A new gripping series from Alex Scarrow

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