Seeing Redd

The Looking Glass Wars #2

Reviewed by Melanie on September 8, 2017


Alyss has only had the Wonderland crown on her head a short while, and already there are uprisings. Rumors say that Redd is on her way back, after jumping into London, she’s built up an army, and is ready to take Wonderland by force.

The second segment of this series was fast paced and well written. It picked up right where The Looking Glass Wars left off, and we’re quickly introduced to the new threat, of Redd coming back through the looking glass and into Wonderland with her army of misfits. The battle moves quickly and will leave you reaching for the next book in the series as quickly as possible.

Seeing Redd Book Cover Seeing Redd
The Looking Glass Wars #2
Frank Beddor
Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction
Scholastic Audio Books
September 1, 2007

The exciting follow-up to the New York Times bestseller THE LOOKING GLASS WARS!

Alyss of Wonderland's rules has only just begun and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining. Trailed by newly appointed Royal Bodyguard Homburg Molly, Alyss is doing her best to keep pace with the non-stop demands of being Queen while attempting to evade Molly for a few private moments with Dodge. Alyss's life is already a challenging mix of duty, love and imagining when a series of phantom sightings set fire to an urban myth of her imperial viciousness's return and have everyone...Seeing Redd.

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