Dancer #3

Reviewed by Melanie on July 24, 2017


As with “Faults” I jumped at the chance to read a horse book that I hadn’t already read. After reading the description I had my doubts about a “magical horse” but was pleasantly surprised by the story itself. There was plenty of conflict and small storylines to keep things interesting.

While I enjoyed the story overall the characters fell flat. Abby is fairly boring and for a high school student seems to not have serious or thoughtful conversations. Parts of her storyline, like her mom’s addiction, could have added some much needed depth to he story, but instead her parents went to a “spa” for treatment. I feel like they were intentionally written out so that we got to know Joy better, but I feel like it distracted from character building overall.

The “villain” Mr. Owens seemed like a character from Scooby Doo. His elaborate but constantly foiled traps added nothing to the story overall. I kept expecting him to say “And I could’ve gotten away from it too, if not for that meddling coyote.”

Speaking of the coyote, I feel that Cody was a very interesting pet. The chapters told from his “point of view” felt stilted because no other animals in the book had their own point of view chapters, though Dancer is put in danger more often than Cody was.

Stagestruck Book Cover Stagestruck
Shelley Peterson
Animals, Horses, Young Adult, Cultural, Canada, Fiction, Contemporary
July 29, 2017

Romance and the supernatural mingle with uncontrolled dark ambition, and Abby — with the help of her extraordinary horse, Dancer — must put a stop to it before her entire community is destroyed.

Champion showjumper Dancer needs a new rider for the upcoming Grand Invitational, and Abby Malone is delighted to be chosen. It’s a dream come true, and she can hardly wait to get started. However, it turns out that Abby and Dancer may have some unexpected — and dangerous — hurdles to jump. The community is staging a play in the old converted barn, and as strange events begin to occur, Abby soon discovers something about the theatre is not quite right. Is she imagining things? Or is someone out to get her?

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