Swipe #1

Reviewed by Melanie on August 28, 2017


Swipe is a dystopian book that follows a lot of the same themes that most dystopian books do. Swipe however takes things a bit further. The book is set in future North America, after global war and famine. At the age of thirteen, every citizen is required to receive the “Mark” to gain the benefits of citizenship.

Logan, who’s Mark day is quickly arriving, is apprehensive because his sister went to her Mark ceremony, and never came back. Logan was told that his sister had died, but now he feels like he’s being watched, and is frightened of receiving his own Mark.

The book was a bit slower than I expected, but was interesting enough for me to continue. As Logan learns more about the Mark, and the citizens that refuse to be Marked, he learns that this is a decision he needs to think about before making a permament decision with a permament reminder on his body.

The characters of the book are complex, but we don’t get to learn a lot about them in the first book. I’m excited to jump into the next and see where things land.

Swipe Book Cover Swipe
Swipe #1
Evan Angler
Science Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult, Fiction
Oasis Audio
May 8, 2012

Logan Langly is just months away from his thirteenth birthday and the biggest day of his life—the day he will finally be marked. The mark lets people get jobs, use public transportation, or even buy concert tickets. Becoming marked means becoming free—or so he is told. Five years ago when Logan's sister went to get her mark, she never came back. Now Logan can't shake the feeling he's being watched... And then he finds the wire.

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