Team Yankee

Reviewed by Melanie on March 29, 2017


When my husband selects books for us to listen to together, they’re generally about war, or history, or both. Generally speaking, when we’re listening to a book together, we listen to it just before bed to help us relax and wind down. I set the timer for fifteen minutes, and when it’s over we generally fall asleep quickly after. Team Yankee was not a typical book for us. My husband wanted to listen to it constantly to find out what was happening next. We were staying up for an hour or longer to listen.

The book is about Team Yankee, more specifically Captain Scott Bannon’s tank crew. The book describes in great detail the atmosphere I imagine as a solider unexpectedly entered into a world. There are sprinkles of comedy and laugh out loud moments to to lighten an ultimately dark topic. As we listened, we experienced the extreme fear, sadness, overwhelming exhaustion, and slight moments of joy throughout the war.

My favorite aspect of the story was that it provided the point of view of both Captain Bannon and his wife. The parts of the story that provide the family’s journey to leave Germany and get back home described in great detail the anxiety of waiting and not knowing what is happening all around you. I was a bit disappointed when the family made it back to the states and were seemingly written out of the story all together. Continuing her perspective throughout the story would have added another dimension to the book overall.

The overall style of the books is very fast moving and has a lot of great descriptions of not only the equipment used, but also general military terms. The descriptions add to the story and build up the plot line rather than take away from what is happening.

The fast pace of the story (the entire book takes place over the course of thirteen days) makes the book a quick and enjoyable read.

Team Yankee Book Cover Team Yankee
Harold Coyle
Fiction, War, Military, Thriller, Historical Fiction
Audible Studios on Brilliance Audio
January 3, 2017

During the second half of the 20th century, East and West stood on the brink of war. Nowhere was this more evident than in Central Germany, where 10,000 tanks belonging to NATO stood ready to resist a ground attack spearheaded by 40,000 Warsaw Pact tanks. It was a war that never was. But what if it had? How would the opening days of World War III played out?

Team Yankee, the New York Times best-seller by Harold Coyle, presents a glimpse of what it would have been like for the soldiers who would have had to meet the relentless onslaught of Soviet and Warsaw Pact divisions. Using the geo-political and military scenarios described by General Sir John Hackett, former NORTHAG commander and author of World War Three; August 1985, Team Yankee follows the war as seen from the turret of Captain Sean Bannon's tank.

Through Bannon's eyes, and those of the men belonging to his tank heavy combat team, the listener lives through the first 14 days of World War III. The action is vivid and exciting, the tension palpable. Defeat and death are as close as victory.

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