The History of Hilary Hambrushina

Reviewed by Melanie on October 12, 2017


Hilary, like most girls getting ready to start middle school, longs to be popular and belong to the popular group. Throughout the book she seems to learn that “cool” like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

After giving up on the book before this one, I was glad for an easy read. The story is well written and told by Hilary, who is writing her autobiography. The story begins at the beginning of summer after sixth grade and ends at Christmas Break for her seventh grade year.

The characters, even the bullies, are relatable. It’s tough to be a girl moving into middle school, whether your cool or not, and Hilary and the other characters give a well rounded look at the different types of people you’re likely to encounter in school, no matter what grade you are in.

The book may come off as a bit simple, I read it in just a couple of hours, but it hits on complex themes. From bullying to accepting who you are, I feel like this is a great book for any one getting ready to begin a scary new adventure — whether it’s starting school, a new job, or just a situation that may get you out of your comfort zone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and plan to share it with my ten year old daughter as well. She has just begun middle school, and I feel like it will help her to understand that most kids are apprehensive about a new school and how they’ll fit in.

Deer Life Book Cover Deer Life
Ron Sexsmith
Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales
Dundurn Press
Semptember 16, 2017
Kindle eBook

A wicked fairy tale of witchcraft, bullying, revenge, and a mysterious bowler hat. Includes Ron’s own whimsical illustrations.

Deryn Hedlight was not having a very good day and it was about to get much worse. He’d read stories of witches as a boy, but never believed for a second they were true. That is, until an unfortunate hunting accident turns his world upside down. What seemed like an honest mistake leads to an altogether unexpected transformation. But poor Deryn wasn’t the only wronged character tied up in these gloomy circumstances and sinister forces.

Deer Life tells the story of a kind-hearted boy from Hinthoven and his motheṟs undying love. Mostly though, it’s all about patience, friendship, and heroism where you least expect it.

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