Three Moose Track Reviews


The final book of The Looking Glass Wars, and I wish I could say that it was all I hoped for. The story, while fast paced (I listened to it in [...]


dystopian books do. Swipe however takes things a bit further. The book is set in future North America, after global war and famine. At the age of [...]


As with "Faults" I jumped at the chance to read a horse book that I hadn't already read. After reading the description I had my doubts about a [...]


I'm a horse person. Since I was young, I'd pick up anything that seemed remotely horse related and would tear through it. I was overjoyed when I [...]

Street Song

As Ryan begins his journey in Belfast, I was quickly pulled into the story and kept telling myself “One more chapter and I’ll go to bed.” I [...]


This was probably my least favorite book of the series. Honestly, at this point I was just trying to finish the series and see how the story [...]


After being a bit disappointed by Fairest, I was pleasantly surprised by Fable. Mina, as usual, is avoiding The Story until something, or [...]


Like UnEnchanted, Fairest was another book that I listened to constantly. The story begins a couple months after UnEnchanted, with Mina starting [...]


I typically enjoy fantasy books and with the unique format of the book, I hoped this would be one of my favorites. I regret to say that while I [...]

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