An Unfortunate Fairy Tale #1

Reviewed by Melanie on March 1, 2017


I love fairy tale retellings and tend to read quite a few of them so I was excited to begin this series. I downloaded the audiobook for my at work listen and found myself listening at the gym and in the car. I love that the book didn’t focus on the light-hearted fairy tales portrayed by Disney, but touched on the frightening aspects of Grimm’s original tales.

While the main character Mina can be annoying, overall she’s a great heroine, even if she is reluctant about it throughout the book. She’s brave and smart, while she isn’t described as gorgeous, she’s also not described as a lot of girls are as “plain.” She has an intense back story that adds to her dimension.

The other characters in the book, from Nan to Charlie are also well developed and help bring a bit of normalcy to Mina’s “cursed” story.

The plot is pretty fast moving, but lull’s in places. I would find myself zoned out and have to back up the story to hear what happened. The narrator does a great job with the voices and brings the characters, as well as the settings to life.

I really enjoyed the book and look forward to downloading the second one as soon as it is available. I’m looking forward to this twist on the traditional fairy tale, but hope that it’s ends with the traditional happy ending.

UnEnchanted Book Cover UnEnchanted
An Unfortunate Fairy Tale #1
Chanda Hahn
Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Tantor Media
December 29, 2011

Description from GoodReads.

After Mina saves her crush's life, she discovers that as a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, fairy tales and magic are all too real...and dangerous.

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